Galloping Digital

It’s a Big World with Big Possibilities

Your business is nothing unless you can reach the right people. Customers, viewers, sponsors, even future employees- it’s important not only to have numbers but hold the right digital presence. In an equestrian world that place of presence is even more important.

Galloping Digital’s Geo Promo is a multifaceted service that uses specific technology to leverage ad networks on social media platforms.

We bring the possibilities to you and your business

Galloping Digital allows you to not only design your web-space with our Equestrian Websites but we also offer a targeted approach of local and event-based marketing options. 

Whether we can help people discover the horse you are trying to lease out, or promote your brand, this technology with Galloping Digital’s focus on security and efficiency will help achieve your goals.

What does GEO-Promo Cost?

We have several tiers that fit any budget.

How do I order Geo Promo?

Select the local ad spend tier that best suits your business objective, then add the objective and setup product.

Is there an agency fee?

There is no agency fee. The only costs for Geo Promo is the one time setup cost and the media spend on the platform.

Are orders placed in $USD?

Yes, all orders and budgets are in $USD.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results can vary based off many factors so we help you optimize your campaign for maximum ROAS.

Is Facebook and Instagram included in delivery?

They can be, but keep in mind that this requires the page owner to approve advertising access in order to run ads on these platforms. If advertising access is not approved, campaigns will launch without Facebook or Instagram.

Can I make campaign adjustments?

You certainly can at any time. Just be careful not to make adjustments too frequently as this can negatively impact performance if too many adjustments are made.

Can I provide ad creatives?

Yes, we can help you with the creative or you can provide your own.

How are colors chosen for ad creatives and landing pages?

All of the templates have a primary color that matches the dominant color in the logo you provide. The buttons and headlines will be the opposite of the primary color so as to maximize contrast. The secondary color in the logo you provide would be for trim and/or headline. You can view the ads and landing page templates to see how they will look here

Do I get a proof of my banner ads or search text ads?

No. The ads will be created using your inputs. On the order form you will provide a Headline, Offer, Description, and Call to Action. These will be used exactly as provided on the banner ads and search text ads. You can, however, view the ads and landing page templates to see how they will look here

If I have questions, how do I get support?

Happy to help. You are welcome to call us during business hours, use our Live Chat feature or send us an email at

What happens if I back out after already placing the order?

You are responsible in full for the initial commitment so please confirm your intentions prior to placing order.

How is my budget allocated?

Budgets will be split evenly each month including the first month.

Can I choose more than one objective for a campaign?

No. Campaigns are audience and location focused and you can only speak to one audience per objective, thus one objective per campaign and one campaign per order. Campaigns will be optimized for the objective but they will report on all activities.

Can I provide a call to action?

We will optimize the ad creative and if using our custom landing page with a call to action we will choose the best CTA which adheres to best practices and your objective

When will my campaign go live?

Campaigns are scheduled to launch within 6 days after your order is placed. Keep in mind that if there is anything missing from the order form, this could jeopardize the scheduled launch date since the process does not begin until all items are received.

How do I get started?

It is super easy to get started. Just follow these simple steps to get your store setup for best practices and success.

  1. add Geo Promo to your cart
  2. Choose the Locations
  3. Choose events
  4. Choose your budget
  5. Send for review