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Legally compliant one-click signing solution.

Our digital Equine E-sign is a state-of-the art service, made specifically for equestrian businesses.

From leasing paperwork, to boarding forms, legal agreements and payments, Equine E-sign is a Galloping Digital exclusive tool that streamlines, organizes and maintains your most crucial documents and information. Designed to allow paperwork of almost any kind to be digitally sent, signed and delivered so that all participating parties feel secure and efficient. Use in conjunction with Lease My Horse.com or independently- enjoy the same peace of mind knowing your information is safe and your payments are secure.

Legally Binding

1-click Signings

Fully Secured


  • NUnlimited Signatures
  • NNo Long-term Commitment
  • NCancel Anytime
  • NMobile Friendly
  • NLegal Audit Trail
  • NSigned PDF to All Parties
  • NInstant Access
  • NSigned Docs Saved
  • NSave .pdf Signed Documents
  • NEasily Update Docs
  • NCustomize Docs for Each Client
  • NMade for Equestrians
  • Leases
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Onboarding
  • Boarding Agreements
  • Transportation
  • Layovers
  • Trials
  • Facility Releases
  • Training
  • Lessons
  • Show Agreements
  • Equipment Loaning


How it Works

Use Our Pre-Made Forms

Equine E-sign comes with easy-to-use forms and agreements, saving you time now and later. All templates were specifically built for the equestrian industry. Start by selecting one of our form templates.

Upload Your Own Agreement

If you don’t find the form specific to your needs in our pre-made form selection, you can upload your own documents to your account and use our E-signing just as easily as our pre-made forms. 

Send Agreement to Client’s Email

Once you’ve filled out your part of the forms, you can either sign your document, or send it unsigned to the recipient. It’s as easy as hitting send, and your client receives an email with signing instructions.

Sign & Receive All Copies

Once the document has been signed easily from the recipient’s email, You receive a signed copy straight back into your email. If you send the document unsigned, you can then sign your copy and you’re all done!

Binding Agreements as Simple as a Handshake

Rest Assured and Take a Deep Breath, We’ve Taken Care of all the Hard Parts

Protect your business, your livelihood and your reputation