Modern Solutions for a Timeless Sport

Galloping Digital is the leading edge where marketing and technology meet. Created by top marketing professionals working hand-in-hand with equestrians, the call to action was simple: Take the best digital solutions in marketing and business management and make them specifically for equestrians.

With a love for horses, and a deep understanding of the equestrian industry, Galloping Digital has curated a meticulous array of products and services that make operating an equestrian business easy, secure and rewarding. Let our team focus on the technology so you can get back to spending time in the saddle.

Our Products

Full service digital solutions working exclusively in the equestrian industry. From single rider websites to full custom e-commerce solutions.






Lease My





Solutions for All Equestrians

For All Equestrians 

When we say all equestrians, that’s exactly what we mean.

All disciplines, all types of roles in the equestrian industry. 

Our services are designed to help startups to major organizations, as well as the amateur to the professional. From riders, trainers, breeders and barn managers, Galloping Digital brings digital solutions to the forefront of the equestrian industry.


From leasing paperwork, to boarding forms, legal agreements and payments, Equine E-sign is a Galloping Digital exclusive tool that streamlines, organizes and maintains your most crucial documents and information. Designed to allow paperwork of almost any kind to be digitally sent, signed and delivered so that all participating parties feel secure and efficient.


Take a deep breath, we take care of all the hard parts.

equestrian websites


Choose from a selection of equestrian website templates or have a custom solution built specifically for your needs. Galloping Digital provides an all-in-one solution for launching your equestrian website.


Exclusively working in the equestrian world.


Give more than a simple thank you with Galloping Digital’s signature CARE-🥕T CARDS. Create and send physical thank you or celebration care cards for the intended horse person in your life, so they can open a personalized piece of joy. You can handwrite them, use existing templates and even upload photos of your friend’s horse to make sure they know this was meant specifically for them.


In this humbling sport, celebrations and gratitude connect us

Care it cards
e-quine e-sign


Galloping Digital offers hyper focused locally targeted digital marketing for all equestrians looking to increase exposure and growth. Utilizing our multi-channel marketing strategy, Galloping Digital ensures that all those in the equestrian industry gain the most out of their online presence.


Reach your equestrian goals faster and with greater ease.


Easily lease a Hunter / Jumper horse directly from one of our product websites, Lease My Horse. Browse through our extensive directory of horse owners and directly lease your favorite horse through Lease My Horse


Find the perfect horse for your next competition or journey.

What our Clients Have to Say

“I cried tears of joy when I opened this”

– Barbara J.

“Galloping Digital transformed the way I do business and allowed me to focus on the things I love- riding and showing, they took care of the rest.” 

– Barbara J.

“One of the most thoughtful expressions of appreciation I’ve ever received..”

– Barbara J.

Dedicated Equestrians
and Passionate Creators 

Our team is well-versed in handling the ever-changing digital landscape that comes with presenting and operating businesses, services and brands in the online world.

We are a team of marketing professionals, website and content creators, video producers, editors and writers- but above all, we are equestrians.